Depression Talks

This is a completely new thing for me to do so be easy on me if the whole post just sucks balls! I’ve been told writing things down might help by my doctor, so what better way to do it than share it to the world, nothing can go wrong here!

Anyhow, I’ve suffered from depression for as long as I can remember and being 22 years old, that cant be a good thing. Parents split, girlfriend left me (twice) all the crap that can lead to such a horrible disease happened. And when you bottle up all these things for such a long time it can bring you down a hell of a way. Finally I have found the support I need, been on the brink of doing something that I would of regretted, now seems like a million miles away. But I don’t think there is enough support for people with depression! And all I want to now do is help as many others with it as I can, even as I continue to battle through.

This is were this BRILLIANT idea (along with my doctor) came about. Talk to others, reach out to people who suffer the same. I am certainly not the only person who will have created such page, and I wont be the last! But being able to understand along with you and discuss how we all feel in this mad world, im sure I will have a better understanding than any doctor/nurse who isn’t or has gone through it.